Alarm Device

5139 Sirenya Mida

Alarm device OUTDOOR (by wire)

Sirenya Mida can be used with any hardwired control panel and with Silenya Top. A rechargeable 12V DC 2.2Ah battery must be placed inside the siren (not supplied).

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5532 Sirenya Top

Outdoor wireless speaking syren

This unique siren is an effective deterrent thanks to its powerful sound and voice announcement capability.

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5580 Ariete

Active aerosol deterrent

Ariete is a reactive protection device for areas containing large amounts of valuables, where a lucrative theft may occur quickly, even during an alarm. Equipped with a pepper spray aerosol can (compliant to current regulations), the device sprays the gas on command, deterring the intruder from the crime.

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5535 Hablo

Wireless speaking device for the diffusion of messages

Τhis device can sound and/or diffuse two recorded messages following a radio control, it is useful as informer/dissuader in alarm systems as in any other danger or doubt situation, where there is a need for information and/or warning following certain events.

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